Control the performance and risks associated with ventilation, air conditioning and heat production systems


Thermal installations provide us with daily comfort by regulating the temperature in our buildings. In the current environmental context and in order to guarantee the safety of occupants, the energy consumption and operation of thermal installations (boilers, air conditioning, etc.) must be periodically monitored and optimised. 

  • How to be supported in the design and installation of your thermal installations?
  • How can you ensure that your installations comply with the regulations?
  • How to ensure the proper maintenance and performance level of your ventilation and heat and cold production systems?
  • Required maintenance of boilers
  • Periodic monitoring of the energy performance and atmospheric emissions of boilers 


Bureau Veritas supports you in verifying the compliance of your thermal installations throughout their life cycle.

Technical checks in design and construction phases in the thermal fields: air conditioning, heat and cold production, fluid networks, boiler rooms, unit heaters, co-generators, gas and oil fuel installations, etc. 

Technical checks during the operating phase: 

  • Regulatory periodic checks of the state of maintenance and safety of the installations
  • Verification of collective safety devices VMC gas
  • Operational audits of fuel gas installations
  • Operational audits of heating, air handling and ventilation systems
  • Periodic monitoring of the energy performance and atmospheric emissions of boilers
  • Advice and technical assistance